I coached basketball for many years … junior high, high school and college.  Even to this day I love the game.  Yet, for some reason I cannot bring myself to watch pro-basketball on any regular basis.

During the Bull’s championship seasons I did watch on occasion … and enjoyed seeing the Mavericks win it all last year… but still … I do not watch.

Perhaps it goes back to a comment I heard Bob Knight make once when I was a young coach and he was leading a clinic.  He was asked about professional basketball and his reply was, “If I had a choice between watching professional basketball and watching fleas mate, the fleas would win every time.”  While that was typically crude of him, he had a point.

With that being said, I am writing down a few reasons I do not care for basketball at the professional level (in no particular order):

Season is way too long

Grandstanding and showboating

Lack of basic fundamentals (blocking out … defense … team-work)

No one can shoot the mid-range jump shot anymore

Constant violation of the rules (traveling, palming, pushing, shoving, taunting, etc.)


Tired of watching 8 guys “clear out” and then 2 guys go 1-on1.

Backing people into the lane/post with excessive force

Hardly anyone can afford to attend a game…let alone the food prices!

TV time-outs … and too many time-outs period.

Over-coaching (the last 2 minutes or so can last 30 minutes).