Having been a season ticket holder at the College Baseball World Series in Omaha, NE for 25 years or so, I am usually packing about now, making sure my tickets are in my day-bag, along with binoculars, etc.  In fact, that bag was packed a week or so ago.

However, owing to a funeral in our church and a few other details, my annual trek to the CWS and a preaching engagement in Lincoln, NE had to be cancelled.

The preaching engagement has already been re-scheduled for October, key tickets to the CWS have been mailed to my brother-in-law, and the rest were posted online for sale this morning.  It will only be the 2nd time I have not been able to attend this event since I started going … the other time because I was on a mission trip.

But … all is not lost … I can watch every game from the friendly confines on the big screen at home … and a week’s vacation will be taken after the funeral and a large wedding.  Big Cedar Lodge near Branson with my whole family, plus the Meyer family and the Foeller’s will more than make up for the games.

And besides, like Chicago Cub fans have been saying for years (or is that eons or centuries?), “There’s always next year.”