As those who read my “weekly” beer blog, you know that my supply has been diminished for a variety of reasons.  But not anymore … thanks to a local keeper of the adult beverages.

Thanks to this person I was able to assemble a bit of a sample pack Samuel Adams.  Tonight to top off my salad (yup…my token nod toward health) and pizza (sausage & mushroom), I have chosen the classic from their family of fine adult beverages … Samuel Adams Boston Lager!

While I do not own their special glass for drinking, I can tell you that drinking this from the bottle or any glass is a real treat to those of us who like their beer!  Here is what they say about their own brew: There’s nothing quite like the taste of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. We may be a bit biased but with its high amounts of flavorful Noble hops and malted barley in perfect balance, there are layers of complex flavors to enjoy.

And if you want a little more … watch this video.