“I Want to Hold Your Hand” was the Beatles’ first American number one, entering the Billboard Hot 100 on 18 January 1964 at number forty-five and starting the British invasion  of the American music industry.  By 1 February it held the number one spot — for seven weeks — before being replaced by “She Loves You”, a reverse scenario of what had occurred in Britain, and remained in the US charts for a total of fifteen weeks . “I Want to Hold Your Hand” became the Beatles’ best selling single worldwide.

It was the winter of my sophomore year in college…and I took a bus to Seattle, WA to visit my sister.  While shopping one day I heard this wonderful new music, went in, and bought this album (which I still have).

Getting back home to Seward, NE, I took this album to a part-time gig I had on “The House of Davison Show” on KAWL-1480 AM.  While my job was to read farm-market reports, etc., I did play an occasional song.  And so I cued up “I Want to Holy Your Hand” in late January or early February … maybe the first person to play the Beatles in Nebraska!  At least that’s my story … and I am sticking to it!  Have a listen and look …

The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand – YouTube