According to Forbes Magazine … if you have to go to prison … these are The 12 best places to go:

Prison                                   Perk
FCI Ashland, Ky.                Wellness program
FCI Bastrop, Texas             Easy airport access
FCI Dublin, Calif.                 Bookmobile service
FPC Duluth, Minn.              Musical instruments available
FCI Englewood, Colo.         Pool, ping-pong, foosball
FCI Lompoc, Calif.              Gym, tennis courts
FPC Montgomery, Ala.        Career retraining
FCI Otisville, N.Y.               Active Jewish religious program
FPC Pensacola, Fla.             Day jobs at the Navy base
FCI Sheridan, Ore.              Learn to be a fitness trainer
FCI Texarkana, TX        Track, bocce pit, basketball court
FPC Yankton, S.D.             Music lessons, intramural sports