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A Big Change!

Like many Husker fans I was disappointed to hear that Bo Pelini had been fired as football coach.  I was also among those who were disappointed in a few things he said about the school when leaving.

And yet, like other coaches I have admired and who have moved on (like Bob Knight from Indiana to Texas Tech), I will continue to root for Bo and his new team, the Youngstown State Penguins!  That will take a bit of getting used to for sure!

At any rate … check out the photos of the last home game Bo coached at The University of Nebraska –and then take a look at the photo of the last home game game of the Penguins this past year.  That, in itself will be a big change!



Cowboy Fans Will Love It!

ertertert456546645Just in time for the playoffs, Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, has introduced a monster burger loaded with three different types of meat and truckload of toppings.

At $20, the Big Game Burger certainly isn’t cheap but it’s loaded with enough protein and extras to feed a small army. The full list includes:

-½ pound ground venison
-½ pound ground bacon
-½ pound ground certified Angus beef
-Jalapeno cheese BBQ sauce
-Six strips of crispy jalapeno smoked bacon
-Fried onions
-Shredded lettuce
– Sliced tomato
-Secret sauce
-Served on a pretzel bun

Packers fans will be able to chow down on The Big Game Burger this weekend when Green Bay takes on the Dallas Cowboys at home.

Delaware North, the concession provider for Lambeau Field, told FoxNews.com that the burger is currently only planned for the postseason. But if it’s a hit, we wouldn’t be surprised if copycats start popping up at other major stadiums.

Someone’s Living Under a Rock!

b0eb650cThe picture below of several tweets is utterly ridiculous and one can only hope it is not accurate.  But the idea that Kanye West will make Paul McCartney is absolutely ludicrous!  At the same time … good for Sir Paul & Kanye!!



Of the Reading of Books …

booksEvery once in a while people ask: “What are you reading right now?” Or, “Can you recommend a book to read?”

So, without further ado, allow me to put them into the same basket … stuff I am currently reading, read in 2014 and a few things I recommend.

  • Unbroken (A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption) … Laura Hillenbrand
  • Prayer (Experiencing Awe and Intimacy With God) … Tim Keller
  • Knowing God … J I Packer (I read this every year!)
  • The Good Shepherd (A Thousand Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament) … Kenneth Bailey
  • Speaking of Jesus (The Art of Not-Evangelism) … Carl Madearis
  • Quiet (The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking) … Susan Cain
  • Connecting Christ (How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths) … Paul Louis Metzger (Paul is a former student of mine @ Valley Lutheran High School)
  • Transformed (Learning to Live a Life of Faith) … Barry Voss (former member of Lord of Life, a mission partner over the years.

In addition to all of these there are a number of secular books and authors I read. Someday I will make a few suggestions from this list!

Until then, happy reading!




Move Forward in 2015 Forgetting

indexAlways recognizing that whatever we do is God’s project, not mine—and as leaders we have the responsibility to lead things His way, not our way—there are so many things to forget.

  • We have to forget about being popular, because this is God’s project, not our own.
  • We have to forget about doing it on our own, because this is God’s project.
  • We have to forget giving up, because if we working for God, it’s worth staying with it.
  • We have to forget about thinking things are impossible, because with God all things are possible.
  • We have to forget about getting revenge, because God will take care of that.
  • And we have to forget about being a control freak, because God is in control & he will do things his way.

Effective leadership is a matter of forgetting those things that hold us back & remembering that God has called us, as leaders, to move forward in his name.

A Few Post-Sermon Comments …

10304882_10205579983603772_6600573090213705673_nAs a long-time preacher, I have received any number of comments following the lesson/sermon.  A few of my favorites are as follows : (accompanied by what was going through my mind)

“I loved your pro-life message, but you will not be preaching against gambling will, since when we win, so does the church?”  (Can you guess what I spoke about the following Sunday?)

“My wife and I said to each other after today’s sermon, ‘Boy, he really sounds like he believes this.'”  (Duh!)

“That story today about the young guy, I think you called him David and that Giant, where can I find that?  And are there other cool stories like that?”  (Uh … it’s called a Bible!)

“You called it sin, but don’t you think it would be better to call it a momentary indiscretion?”  (I think Jesus called it a sin as well!)

“I really like listening to you.  You sound like you really know something.”  (Like what?)

“You made it sound like if I did a lot of good things — and I do — that that’s not going to get in me in good with the Big Guy.”  (Go home and read Ephesians 2:8-10)

“You are wearing cowboy boots, that seems odd.” (We’re in Texas, dude.  Jesus lived in 1st century Palestine and he wore sandals, so there!)

“How long will it take me to know what you know about the Bible?”  (Well, I just turned 70 and you look like you are 25 … so 45 more years?)

“I thought you were Christian, but the folder they gave me when I came today said you were Lutheran.  So what gives?”  (Actually I am a Lutherabapticostal!)

“You’re just like a funny seminary professor.”  (Thank you!  I try!)

No Christ in Christmas?

For many years I have been a fan of acronyms, some others have done, some I have actually thought up!  This morning I caught one written by a pastor I met a number of years ago while teaching in Nigeria.  We have kept in contact since then.  So hat’s off to Linus Elisha for this one!

If CHRIST is in CHRISTmas …

C hrist
H as
R emoved
I ntense
S orrow
T hrough
M aking
A ll
S aved

If you take CHRIST out of CHRISTMAS what remains is:

M isery
A bominations
S ins

The Man In Charge

1ablog-bobknightx-largeMost people who know me know I coached basketball for nearly 20 years.  They probably also know that Bob Knight was among my 2 or 3 favorite coaches.  I was privileged to work at his basketball camps and even had the opportunity to have him teach at my camp in Hong Kong.

While I learned a lot about help-side defense, motion offense and other basketball details, some of what he taught about life skills, etc. also sunk in.

Today, looking through a few notes, seeing some of the basketball stuff from the past, jogged my memory and a story I once heard him tell.  It was about being in charge — indeed it was called The Man in Charge.  Here it is:

One day, Johnny came into the t.v. room where his dad was watching a baseball game. “Dad, did Mom tell you I passed the drivers’ test today?” “Yes,” the father responded, “The best test ever, I hear, both written and on the road.” “Could I perhaps borrow the car, dad, to take my girlfriend to a movie or to go to a game?”

“John, I knew this day would come,” said the father, “And I am prepared for it and you are not. There are four pre-requisites before you can drive the car: 1. Your mom has not been happy with the way you’ve treated your younger brother and the way you’ve helped out at home. That’s got to change. 2. Your grades: You had two B’s in the last grading period. You are a straight A student and I expect nothing less. 3. I never see you reading anything. Reading is the foremost part of education. Furthermore, you should look through the bible, not for religious signs, but for indications of things you can learn day to day.” “Is there anything else?” Johnny asks. “Yes, there’s number 4. It’s that long hair. I’ve told you to get that haircut.”

So about three weeks later John comes into the den and says, “Dad, I’m ready. I’ve gone through the prerequisites.” His father responds. “John, it goes without question I’m really happy about what your mother says you’ve been doing. I’m happy about this grading period. And I see you reading a book, and once in a while even skimming the Bible. Great, those are three A+’s. But on Number 4 — you still have that long hair.”

This time John is prepared. “But Dad, I learned in the Bible that Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Jesus himself all had long hair.” But the father was ready for John: “You are absolutely right, son. They all had long hair. And they walked their butts off everywhere that they went.”

The man in charge.